Brass Nozzle Manufacturer in China

HM is a trusted manufacturer of brass nozzles for cleaning equipment. We offer a diverse range of sizes and dimensions to cater to your specific needs. Our brass nozzles are meticulously crafted to meet high standards of quality and precision. We maintain high tolerance levels in our manufacturing process to ensure optimal performance and durability. Accurate dimensions and excellent surface treatment techniques enhance the longevity and functionality of our brass nozzles. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in our ISO and IATF approvals. Choose HM for reliable, high-quality brass nozzles that meet your requirements.

  • Taas nga pagkamatugtanon
  • Accurate dimension
  • Maayo kaayo nga pagtambal sa nawong
  • ISO and IATF approved

Custom Brass Nozzle

Our brass nozzles are made of copper and zinc alloys. Given the uniqueness of manufacturing material, we offer high-quality brass nozzles, which can withstand high temperature, avoid chemical erosion and offer excellent durability. We supply a wide range of nozzles as well as a large selection of sizes  and colors for customers. You can select brass nozzles with the diameter ranging from 0.15mm to 0.80mm.

If you need it for multiple purposes, our products will be a good choice!

Multiple Types of Brass Nozzle

  • Brass Fire Nozzle
    Brass Fire Nozzle
  • Fuel Burner Nozzle Spray
    Fuel Burner Nozzle
  • Brass Injector Nozzles
    Brass Injector Nozzles
  • Brass 4-Hole Nozzles
    Brass 4-Hole Nozzles

Talagsaong mga Bahin

Rust-proof: On the surface of brass, a dense oxide film can be formed, which can  prevent oxygen and moisture from coming into contact with the brass surface, thus reducing erosion.  

Mahigalaon sa tiggamit: Our brass nozzles offer adjustable spray patterns, which can fulfill your different needs.

Perfect functionality: Our brass nozzles are applicable in many scenarios. For instance, you can easily find it in 3D printer, tank washing and  garden watering.

Excellent thermal conductivity: Excellent thermal conductivity enables the nozzle to heat evenly and consistently. Therefore, this can prolong the service life of the product and also ensure its stable performance.

Makadani nga disenyo: Brass is softer than stainless steel, making it easier to form different shapes. Its impressive design will catch your attention and add pleasure for you.

Talagsaong mga Bahin

HM – Leading Brass Nozzle Supplier in China

HM – Leading Brass Nozzle Supplier in China
HM – Leading Brass Nozzle Supplier in China

HM is popular in manufacturing and offers a broad range of brass nozzles for different uses, such as controlling water pressure using projector water. Our knowledgeable manpower fabricated these nozzles using the highest quality brass, acquired from a reliable and trusted vendor.

HM brass nozzles are manufactured under our strict quality control policy to deliver a flawless range of products. We have in-house pagbutang-patay, molding, secondary operation, and makinarya. Free manufacturing analyses are provided with every quote.

HM Fulfill Your Demands

Functions of Brass Nozzle
Functions of Brass Nozzle

Brass nozzle is designed to control the characteristics of a fluid flow as it flows into and out of an enclosed chamber or pipe. For instance, it is frequently used for altering the rate of flow, speed, and direction of a fluid. It can ensure the drops proceeding the nozzle are uniform in size and distributed equally.

Mahimo nga Sitwasyon
Mahimo nga Sitwasyon

Our brass nozzle has a variety of applications. You can find it easily in industry or agriculture. For example, it can be used for gardening and 3D printers. It can be also applied in hydraulic pipe, gas pipe, garden pipe or chemical fertilizer pipe.

Technique sa Paggama
Technique sa Paggama

All of our brass nozzles have undergone polishing in the final process. This step can render a smooth and bright surface. Therefore, hardly can you find any flaws. 

What’s the difference between stainless steel and brass nozzles?

The two nozzles have specific properties respectively. Stainless steel nozzles are more durable than brass and can withstand higher temperatures. It is more suitable for a harsh environment.  However, in terms of cost, brass nozzles are more cost-effective.

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